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Tablet PC's (Part II)

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Advanced Tablet PC


With tablets available to students, we are now ready to imagine the many ways that interaction with a tablet can transform our teaching and our students' experience.




Course Summary - more information coming at a later date


Bring a curriculum idea and create materials, find ways to enhance the project using tablets with students, and plan ways to utilize the tablet to its fullest potential in your classroom.





  • Explore tablet features.
  • OneNote and Windows Journal
  • Explore tablet-specific applications, including:
    • Snipping Tool
    • Ink Flashcards
    • Tablet calculator
    • My Font tool
    • Ink Art
    • Ink Desktop
  • Integrating the pen - ink annotations, artwork, note-taking
  • Sound recording for podcasts, note-taking, rehearsals, responses, or PowerPoints narration.
  • Thinking creatively about the tablet in the classroom - create projects that involve the tablet.
  • Plan a tablet-based lesson for the coming school year.



Outside Resources


Are you wondering "Why a tablet?"

This document gives a detailed rationale for the advantages of tablets in schools.

tablet rationale.doc


For those who really want the details on your tablet, you can peruse the Tecra M7 Owner's Manual: TecraM7_OwnersManual.pdf


Here is a page on the School Computing wiki that gives a variety of information, examples, and resources for tablet computing:

School Computing Wiki: Tablet Computers



Cincinnati Country Day School has a 1-to-1 tablet program. They have created a wonderful collection of resource pages that share many uses of tablets in education.

Tablet Conference Page


Consider how we might change the way we teach to incorporate tablets and our students' varied learning styles:

Laptops in the Classroom: Mend it, don't end it


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