Smartboards (Part 2)

Advanced SmartBoard 


More Topics

Bring a curriculum idea and create materials, find resources, and prepare lessons to be taught on your SmartBoard.

Pull YouTube/TeacherTube Video into the Smart Notebook as a flash file using Firefox and video download helper.  

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Lots of Topics to pick from -

Thinking about curriculum


Engaging Learners the Smartboard Way


From the Think Bank - Interactive Whiteboard Resources:

Interactive Whiteboard Resources


Tips and Tricks

To take your own tour of the SmartBoard, explore this page:

 SmartBoard Training Center


To remove ink from your Smartboard:

Removing ink from SmartBoards.pdf


Although this troubleshooting guide is directed to those using the 600 series, most of the tips apply to all SmartBoards.

Troubleshooting the 600 series.pdf


White Papers

White papers

These documents contain detailed analysis of their discussion topics as well as bibliographies for further exploration.

·         The Truth About Interactive Whiteboards, Pens and Fingers: SeparatingMyths from Facts (PDF, 36KB)

·         The Truth About Interactive Whiteboards and Active Screen Area (PDF, 70KB)

·         The Truth About Wireless Slates in Differentiated Classrooms (PDF, 56KB)

·         The Truth About Interactive Whiteboard Durability (PDF, 464KB)

·         Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership for SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards (PDF, 62KB)

·         Interactive Whiteboards and Learning: Improving student learning outcomes and streamlining lesson planning (PDF, 209KB)