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Smartboards (Part 1)

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SMART Board Training


SMART Board Wiki http://smarttech.com/ -Everything you need to know to get started, with the SMART Board.  This page will be updated to reflect new information for workshops. Smart V 10 - Screencast http://downloads.smarttech.com/media/trainingcenter/videos/wnnb10/WNNB10.html


Tip from Bev in hingham -

Interactive MAPS http://www.kbears.com/continents.html   and  clocks http://www.time-for-time.com/swf/myclox.swf


  1. Quiz
  2. Opening Video
  3. Videos on the SMART Board
  4. NoteBook 10 Playlist in YouTube
  5. What exactly does a SMART Board do?
  6. How does the SMART Board works?
  7. SMART Technologies - Training Center 
  8. Two-Minute Tutorials
  9. Getting Started
    1. Using Applications
    2. Ink Aware
  10. Navigating the Smart Notebook
    1. Getting started with the notebook
      1. Using the Gallery
        1. Learn how to use the Notebook Software Gallery to help you develop and enhance presentations with rich graphical contentPress gallery tab
      2. Other SMART Board Tools
        1. Other SMART Tools (3.5 MB)
        2. Printable Materials
        3. Outside Resources
      3. Curriculum ideas and lesson plans
        1. Engaging Learners the SmartBoard Way
        2. SmartBoard Lesson Plans
        3. Essentials for Educators
        4. SMART Board Gallery Collections
        5. Using the SMART Board to Support Math
        6. Interactive Whiteboard Resources
      4. Tips and Tricks
        1.  SMART Board Training Center
        2. To remove ink from your Smartboard:
        3. Removing ink from SMART Boards.pdf
          1. Although this troubleshooting guide is directed to those using the 600 series, most of the tips apply to all SmartBoards.
        4. Troubleshooting the 600 series.pdf
        5. RSS Feeds
        6. Feeds for Smart
        7. http://exchange.smarttech.com/files/folders/videos/rss.aspx
      5. Browse NoteBook Lessons Activities
        1. Find Curriculum Standars - Browse by Standards - Grade - Subject
        2. Elementary School
        3. Middle School
        4. Secondary Lessons 
        5. Higher Ed - Case Studies
      6. Evaluation
      7. Interactive Links
      8. Senteo - Clickers with the Smart Notebook
        1. Senteo Lessons  - Browse by Curriculum and Grade Level http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-US/Ed+Resource/Lesson+activities/Senteo/US.htm
      9. Software Download
        1. Activation Information
      10. SMART Learning Marketplace (subscription based)
      11. 33 Tips on Using the SmartBoard
      12. SMART Quiz

       Workshop Description

      This workhop is designed to introduce the features of the SMART Board.  . Participants will use the SMART Board and Smart® Notebook software to explore and create interactive lessons by content level.  


      This course will cover:

      • Interactive Whiteboards  as tool for teaching and learning in the classroom
      • Explore the whiteboard software and notebook features
      • A Learning Path for Teachers

        You have a SMART Board interactive whiteboard and you would like to use it in your classroom. But how?

        Module one Module twoModule threeModule four



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      Opening Video

      Link to SMART Boards in Belgium video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jOelYYjN_k


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      Videos on the SMART Board



      NoteBook 10 Playlist in YouTube

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      Or link to YouTube Playlist


      What exactly does a SMART Board do?

      The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that turns your computer and data projector into a powerful tool for teaching and presenting. With the computer image projected on the Board, simply use your finger and press on the large touchsensitive surface to control the computer. This allows your students to do presentations from the front of the room instead of having to be at the computer.

      Using one of the pens from the SMART Pen Tray, you just write on the board and the touch-sensitive screen tells the computer what color pen you are using and your notes are projected onto the screen in the correct color. You can save these notes on the computer or send them to your printer to be given out as a study aid. These are just a couple of the many uses for this wonderful tool.


      The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard. Using the SMART Board, you can:

      • Save notes written on the Board to a computer file
      • Use your finger to press on the Board to control Windows and Macintosh applications and other multimedia materials projected onto the Board’s touch-sensitive surface.
      • You can then write over top of your applications and save the annotations to a computer file.


      The notes and annotated images can be printed from a computer printer, e-mailed, posted to a network, copied and pasted into other applications or saved as an HTML file. SMART Board Software, included with every SMART Board, dramatically enhances group collaboration. SMART Boards are perfect for schools and meeting rooms or any application that needs visual communication or collaboration over the internet.  



      How does the SMART Board works?

      It uses resistive technology, which means there is a small air gap between two sheets of resistive material inside the Board. When you press on the Board with your finger or an ordinary dry-erase marker, a contact point is registered and its coordinates correspond to the same area on the computer screen. Because the SMART Board is based on resistive technology, it does not require a special stylus or pen to perform mouse or pen functions at the Board, only pressure on the Board's surface.

      Electronic whiteboards allow users to interact and ouch the Board to control any computer application, create and write notes, draw diagrams and illustrate ideas. One can focus by highlighting key information with electronic ink and also capture images, notes or updates and save, print or e-mail notes. Using an interactive whiteboard helps you to simplify and work naturally at the Board with familiar, easy-to-use tools.


      SMART Technologies - Training Center 

      Links to handouts and materials



      Two-Minute Tutorials

      These quick, animated tutorials provide an introduction to working with SMART Board software.

      Go to Two-Minute Tutorials


      SMART Board Podcastspdtogo  

      Getting Started

      • Turning the projector on/off
      • Starting computer/software
      • Start SmartStart Center
      • Calibrating the board
      • Using the touch screen
      • Using the tool tray.  Make sure to replace eraser.
      • Point and clicking with your finger. Click, double click, right click.
      • Using the on screen keyboard

      Using Applications

      Ink Aware

    2. SMART aware?  
    3. Internet Explorer
    4. PowerPoint
    5. Geometer’s sketchpad


      Ink Aware (3.3 MB)

      This tutorial provides an overview of additional features available in Microsoft® Word and Excel® software when you are using them on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or other SMART brand product.


      Navigating the Smart Notebook

      Notebook Tutorial Notebook Software Basics (1.3 MB) 

      • Smart Notebook
      • White space, panel tab, page sorter, galleries, attachments
      • View pages in sorter, move, delete, add, rename, clone          
      • Change sorter to the other side by pressing the blue and white arrow
      • Resize page sorter by dragging edges of frame
      • Choose to auto-hide


      Getting started with the notebook

      Objects in Notebook Software (1.7 MB)

      Watch this tutorial to see how to create, select, move, resize and rotate objects in Notebook software.

      TeacherTube Videos on the Smart Notebook

      • Tool bar items
      • Using pens
      • Adding Text
      • Add shapes. 
      • Add lines
      • Moving, resizing, rotating items
      • Adding clipart and templates
      • Add pages
      • Rename, delete, clone pages
      • Screen capture
      • Saving files


      Using the Gallery

      The Notebook Software Gallery (1.5 MB)

      Learn how to use the Notebook Software Gallery to help you develop and enhance presentations with rich graphical contentPress gallery tab

      • Education, professional, and my content categories
      • + indicates subcategories, press on the + to see categories
      • Press on category and you will see thumbnails of graphic
      • Templates occupy entire page and can’t be moved or resized
      • Templates have a turned corner in panel
      • Clip art can be added and resized
      • Flash movies have flash icon
      • Add items to My content


      Other SMART Board Tools

      Other SMART Tools (3.5 MB)

      These tools offer a selection of features that will assist you when presenting with a SMART brand product.


      Printable Materials

      Quick Reference Guides are simple, visual tools that cover SMART product features in 1-2 pages. Use the straightforward Hands-on Practices to gain practical experience with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

      Windows | Macintosh


      Outside Resources


      Curriculum ideas and lesson plans

      This is an EXTREMELY comprehesive list of SmartBoard interactives, lessons, resources...Don't stop on the first page, just keep on scrolling and you're sure to find something that interests you!

      Engaging Learners the SmartBoard Way


      Here are a range of lesson ideas to peruse from the folks at Smart Technologies:

      SmartBoard Lesson Plans


      Additional Gallery resources and interactive modules can be explored here:

      Essentials for Educators


      Here are Gallery collections designed by other educators

      SMART Board Gallery Collections


      Here is a series of downloadable additions to your SmartBoard Gallery:

      Using the SMART Board to Support Math


      From the Think Bank:

      Interactive Whiteboard Resources


      Tips and Tricks

      To take your own tour of the SmartBoard, explore this page:

       SMART Board Training Center


      To remove ink from your Smartboard:

      Removing ink from SMART Boards.pdf


      Although this troubleshooting guide is directed to those using the 600 series, most of the tips apply to all SmartBoards.

      Troubleshooting the 600 series.pdf


      RSS Feeds

      Feeds for Smart


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      Browse NoteBook Lessons Activities

      Find Curriculum Standars - Browse by Standards - Grade - Subject



      Elementary School

      1. Elementary Lessons link

      2. Lessons for Elementary

          - Alphabet link   

          - Currency link   

          - Chronological Order (Part 1) Days of the Week link    

          - Rhyme Time link     


      3. Senteo Matching (ABC's and Words - Question Sets for Senteo link)

          - Evaluation Survey


      Middle School

      4.  Math   -  Opening video and Various strategies for teaching Math concepts with the SMARTboard.

           openingmath.notebook and Video downloaded/flash


      5. Making a Math Movie Using the Smart Recorder (sample)

          geometric mean smart movie cp 9.wmv 

            Math Rap "What you know about Math"

            Whiteboard Movies and Mathcasts - Tim Fahlberg

            Using the SmartBoard to Support Math Lessons 


      6. Social Studies - Middle School - Map of USA Demo

          mapOfUsaUS_march08v2.notebook Word files for lessons

           smartboard lesson on maps march08.doc 


      7. English Language Arts

          Idioms Lesson  download notebook file

          Idioms: What Do They Really Mean? Grade(s): 5 - 8 Cross-curricular link(s): Non- specific Intended learning outcome(s) ·    ·   Write   sentences using idioms · Write Recommended usage: Whole group to teach or review idioms 


          idioms to match definitions of the idiom

          Identify and interpret the meanings of idioms in context

          definitions of idioms


      7A  SMART NoteBook and Senteo   Interactive Response System -- Click on view demo on website 

            Use Senteo interactive response system to test knowledge about the use of idioms in everyday language and re-write   

            sentences to include idioms.    Idioms (Question Set) | View Standards


      8. Science - science.notebook 


      9. Sports -  chalktalk.notebook 


      10. Just for fun

          - Listen and learn more podcast  and blog


      Secondary Lessons 



      Higher Ed - Case Studies




      Session Evaluation link 

      - PowerPoint Senteo senteoevaluationquestionsforsession.ppt



      Interactive Links

      • ThinkFinity.com 
      • http://www.roythezebra.com/index.html The site is home to a package of interactive games, stories and resources that have been developed to help emerging readers learn to read
      •  SMART Board and the Sketchcast website. Sketchcast will allow you to create, store, and share your Mathcasts. You don't need any other tools other than a SMART Board and a microphone (if you want to include audio). See Blog and Video


      Senteo - Clickers with the Smart Notebook

      1. About the Senteo http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Products/Senteo/ 
      2. Download Software http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Support/Downloads/default.htm
      3. Full User Guide (56 Pages) [PDF] Senteo Interactive Response System User s Guide http://www2.smarttech.com/kbdoc/93347

        The Senteo interactive response system increases one-to-one interaction by allowing

        you to ... You can use student feedback to plan lessons and personalize...



      Senteo Lessons  - Browse by Curriculum and Grade Level



      Software Download

      Activation Information


      •  Activation Code Required (Serial Number from your Smartboard)

        download and install the complete version of Notebook software 10.                                                             




        If you own a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, Sympodium interactive pen display, Senteo interactive response system, AirLiner wireless slate or a SMART Document Camera, you can


        For more information, see  http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Support/Downloads/SBS/NBSv10WinEval.htm


      You MUST uninstall previous versions of the software


      Smart Technologies Notebook Version 10 features:

      Magic Pen (This one's very cool!)

      Use the Magic Pen’s three tools to help you deliver effective lessons. Write notes that will disappear in ten seconds, direct your students’ attention with a spotlight or zoom in on an image with a magnifier.

      Object Animation

      Animate any Notebook software object. You can create effects such as fading in, spinning or flying in.


      Create a theme for your Notebook software lesson activity. Set design features like font, background color and images, and apply them to one or all of your Notebook pages.

      You can also go to my Notebook 10 Feature Playlist to see all six videos.



      The entire press release Notebook software 10 raises the 21st-century teaching and learning standard can be found on Smart Technologies website.


      SMART Learning Marketplace (subscription based)

      SMART Learning Marketplace  link https://learningmarketplace.smarttech.com/

      The SMART Learning Marketplace offers you over a million ways to bring the world into your classroom. You can find images, manipulatives, text documents or multimedia files to create lessons on any topic, whether it’s Socrates or space travel.

      The content is delivered through the Global Grid for Learning, as part of an alliance between SMART and Cambridge University Press, the oldest printer and publisher in the world.


      Integrates with Notebook software

      The Marketplace works seamlessly with Notebook collaborative learning software. You can quickly search for content through a direct link in the software’s Gallery. Then click and drag resources onto a Notebook page or lesson activity and present the material to your students on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.


      And even if you don’t have a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or Notebook software, you can still enjoy the convenience of having such a vast collection of resources at your fingertips. The content can be used on any computer or interactive whiteboard to create lessons that keep students engaged and focused on learning.


      The SMART Learning Marketplace offers

      • A collection of over a million resources that’s updated regularly
      • Copyright-cleared, professionally created and classroom-safe content
      • Content types that include images, video clips, audio files, manipulatives and text documents
      • Seamless integration with Notebook software
      • One-year, single user subscriptions start at US$239


      To discover more about the inspiring learning opportunities made possible by this unique collection of resources, read the Learning Marketplace brochure (PDF 450KB). Subscribe now. (30 day evaluation)


      33 Tips on Using the SmartBoard

      Presentation Created using Google Link  

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      SMART Quiz

      Have you been paying attention?

      Then try this quiz ... (pw SMART)

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