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Smart Senteo

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   interactive response system  - Clickers!


Senteo remote



The Senteo interactive response system provides a direct wireless connection between you and your students. Now you no longer have to wonder if students understand what you’ve taught them. They can tell you with the click of a button.

The Senteo system includes a radio frequency (RF) remote for each student in your class, a central receiver, Notebook whiteboarding software (or PowerPoint) and Senteo assessment software, which tallies student responses, records attendance, posts test results and provides individual feedback.



How it works

The Senteo interactive response system is designed to enhance interactive teaching and learning. With it, you display or speak prepared or ad hoc questions, students anonymously key in answers with their remote, and responses are tallied, then displayed on a projection screen or interactive whiteboard. Tallying and displaying results occurs immediately.


To assess student understanding, you can use a variety of question types, including true or false, multiple choice, numeric response and more-than-one-right-answer. Decimals, fractions and negative numbers can also be incorporated into questions and answers.

All Features



  1. About the Senteo http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Products/Senteo/ 
  2. Download Software http://www2.smarttech.com/st/en-US/Support/Downloads/default.htm
  3. Full User Guide (56 Pages) [PDF] Senteo Interactive Response System User s Guidehttp://www2.smarttech.com/kbdoc/93347

    The Senteo interactive response system increases one-to-one interaction by allowing

    you to ... You can use student feedback to plan lessons and personalize the ...



Interactive Training - Flash



60 Sec Tech - Phil (itunes)



TeacherTube Overview Video

TeacherTube link http://www.teachertube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=abb126053382883bf8e1 


Description:  Senteo is an instant feedback system that works great with Smartboard. Scott Miller takes us through some of the features of Senteo that would be easy to incorporate into your classroom. Tune in and see what the latest Smartboard craze is and how you can use it in your class. We also talk about the text to voice website that is free. It creates an MP3 file for you. You can just drag that file into Smartboard, or just link the sound file to a picture or some text in your notebook file. Please join us for this video podcast at iTunes or teacher tube. http://www.ncusd203.org/central/html/what/math/smartboard


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