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Skype in Education

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Skype in Education

Skype is a FREE VoIP technology that allows you to make audio and video phone calls from your computer!  You can "skype" to connect with experts, educators and other classrooms all over the world!   Skype Welcome and   Video Bridging the Generation Gap 



Ready Set -- go

Welcome to the Skype


1 sign

download the software and create a Skype account!                                            

 3 signSkype with people all over the WORLD computer to computer for FREE!                                                                           

2 sign

find other educators using Skype

4 signlearn to use Skype with other applications for truly interactive learning...



What can you do with Skype?


Skype will allow you to:
  • network with other instructional technology teachers
  • connect students with experts worldwide
  • connect students who are learning similar & related content
  • allow parents to see their students presenting
  • allow students who are absent a chance to participate
  • allow teams of teachers to meet virtually
  • allow administrators to connect with classrooms from their office
  • become the "teacher as facilitator"



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